Established 1854

Located on the old California-Oregon Stage Road

CARRVILLE's long and colorful history reaches back to the mid 1800's when James E. Carr brought his wife Sarah on an inspection trip of the original California-Oregon Stage Road, which he was instrumental in building over Scott Mountain.  Sarah fell in love with the Curry and Noyes Ranch and after being purchased by the Carr's, the ranch became one the the most popular stops for the stage.  Gold and other mining played a big role in the local history which saw Carrville grow to over 2000 people at it's peak.

The original building was destroyed by fire in 1917 and was rebuilt the following year with lumber milled on the ranch.  A six year restoration was completed in 1988, that saved this historic landmark, bringing it to better than original condition.  The present owners, David and Sheri Overly bought the property in 1997 and have operated the resort since 1998 while continuing to make improvements bringing it to its present beauty.

Carville Inn has been host to many famous people over the years.  A few notables are Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Herbert Hoover, actors Clark Gable and Margaret Hamilton.

The beauty and grace which Mrs. Carr found over 150 years ago still enchant all who visit Carrville Inn Resort.

An excellent book on Trinity County is available from the Trinity County Historical Society which has a detailed accounting if Carrville's history.  Copies may be obtained through the secretary,  PO Box 333, Weaverville, CA 96093 or at the J. J. Jackson Museum in Weaverville.

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