Grizzly Lake - Trinity Alps Wilderness
Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s what you should know about your stay at Carrville Inn Resort

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Q: What do we need to bring?
A:  The short answer is your Food/Clothing/Personal Items.
  The resort is well equipped with most anything you should need for your stay.  Still if this is your first time feel free to call or email with your questions.  We are happy to help.  A site visit before your stay, if possible, is a great idea also.

Q: Is WiFi available?
A:  Yes.
  Internet/WiFi is provided.  We have satellite high speed internet service and a wireless guest network.

Q: Will we have cell phone service?
A: Celluar service is spotty depending on your carrier. We suggest you advise anyne who may need to get ahold of you to text or email.

Q: Does the Inn have air conditioning?
A:  Yes.
  Although not often needed, both the Inn and Cottage have AC to assure your comfort during exceptionally hot periods.

Q: What about BBQ grills?
A:  There are several grills on the property including 2 large grills at the BBQ pad.
  Propane is provided for the gas grills.  A charcoal grill is also provided, but you will need to bring your own briquettes.

Q: Do you provide firewood?
A:  Yes.
  You will find a stack of firewood by the campfire pit on the BBQ pad. Should you run low we will be happy to bring more but no bon fires please.

Q: What is expected of us when we check-out?
A:  In preparation to depart, leave bedding on the beds and the bath towels and pool towels in the bathrooms.  Leave the roll away and any sleeping pads where they were used, and leave any bedding used with them.  We would encourage you to put more effort into tidying up the kitchens and saloon.  We don’t mind if you leave your last dishes running in the dishwashers, but everything else you used needs to be washed and put away.  11 am is check out time.  Please be out of the second and third floors at that time.  Check with us if you might need a bit more time to get your things out of the kitchen. Be sure to look behind doors, under beds, on the porches, the pool, the grounds, anywhere you might have left something. See Dave to pay any balance.

Q: Is someone available if we have a problem during our stay?

A:  Yes.
  We are always on hand to help should a need arise.  In addition to picking up the trash daily, we are always nearby in case there is a problem.

Q: Should we plan to bring ice?
A: Probably not.
We have a large ice maker in the saloon that is capable of making up to 160 lbs of ice a day.  We are also able to provide you with ice blocks for coolers if needed to get food back home.

Q: Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is permitted on the outside verandas, the lawn areas and the pool.  No smoking is allowed inside buildings or in the forest.

Q: Are pool towels provided?
A:  Yes.
  A supply of towels to use at the pool are provided, but most people like to bring beach towels also.

Q: Is the pool heated?
A: No.
We do have a solar blanket that can be floated on the pool when not in use which does a good job of heating the pool when the sun is up and holding the heat at night. Best months for swimming are July and August.