Trinity County , known for its gracious hospitality and golden history, also has many outdoor splendors to offer the adventurer and recreationist.  Spectacular vistas and pristine lakes abound in natural beauty.

The 525,000 acre Trinity Alps Wilderness Area is one of the largest wilderness areas in the United States.  The Alps form a breathtaking backdrop to the area and provide the adventurous with a place of unusual solitude and beauty. With air so clean you can taste its freshness you find yourself surrounded by wild beauty and jagged granite peaks.

Trinity Lake is the third largest lake in California. With 16,000 surface acres and 145 miles of shoreline it is uncrowded even during summer peak months.

The Trinity Heritage Scenic Byway winds through the country along the path of the California-Oregon Stage Road which James Carr worked to establish that served miners and settlers during California's Gold Rush.

Here are some recommendations of "Things to See and Do"  while in the area.